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A Company with a vision to help the Expatriates find what they are looking for in Lebanon, 07 solutions help people who come to Lebanon or live in Lebanon locate what they are looking for on phone instead of driving around from one place to another and wasting time. This website will ease daily chores such as car trouble to find a specialist mechanic , or to get a number for a restaurant reservation, or order food in a new area. This application was created to be used easily without being confused, getting used to it wont take a lot of time. you can also search a specific item that you are looking for, for example ( Polo Shirts, BMW Service, Printing, Shisha ) through the tag system that was created only for this site. the tag system will let people search for a specific item that they are looking for instead of looking in all of the shops. 07 Directory will also help people locate the phone number of the shops that they are looking for. The application is web-based which will be updated every time you open it, and also places or shops that you already visit will be stored in you phone so you can access it again without the use of internet. this project is developed and designed by IIS for E-Solutions (Integrated information services).

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